Thursday, September 6, 2012

Livin' the Sister Life

I've been living with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces for the past month. I came from living alone in Kentucky, to having people around all the time! I've got to learn to balance my schedule more! I am in grad school online through the University of Kentucky and having sweet little babies running around can be distracting sometimes. EEk.

One thing I have loved is having a friend around all the time. We shop together, make food together, work out together, and do silly things together. It's what I always wanted in Kentucky with a roommate! Too bad I couldn't still be there and with my sister too.

I miss you, Kentucky!

Harper Rae, looking cool in her shades!
Mis Maddy doing what she does best, being CUTE.
The loot from our Goodwill trip today!