Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello New Life!

Ah, It is nice to blog again. There is so much to share. I have moved! I am now back in good ole Kentucky! Farm life was fun for a short time and although I have no solid plans, I am here again in the Bluegrass State. I now live the life of an adventurer! No obligations to tie me down, no job to waste my time, its just me and Charger. We go on walks, runs, and play ball! Sometimes we sew together and watch movies. We like to stay up late and sleep in late. We are the King and Queen of our tiny one bedroom kingdom. Envious aren't you?

I am fervently searching for employment, but I might as we soak up the good times while I can, right? I am amazed at everything here, the gas prices, the dog park, and the proximity of everything to me. It unlike anything I've ever known, but that's coming from a small town farm girl. Although I have no idea what I am going to do here, besides school, I know this is the right place for me to do it!

Now, time for some PHOTOS!  
Dad saran wrapping the trailer with my things.
Ah, the joys of moving. I should say, the messes of moving.
Farmer's Market!
I hope to share much more excitement with you soon! Prayers for my job search are much appreciated!