Sunday, December 20, 2009

This weekend has been a ton o good times! My lady friend Britnasty came all the way from Ohio to visit the grand town of Iuka and me! She arrived on Thursday and I knew from the start that we were in for adventures! One thing was for sure, we wouldn't sleep much!

Some highlights of the weekend included Britnasty's excellent decision to get her tragus pireced!
What's a tragus you might ask, Britnasty will show you!
Check out this rockin' and rollin' hotness! Afterwards we hit up Chico's (for the second time of her visit.) Gotta love that sauce!!
If you've never been to Chico's, then a visit to Salem is totally worth it!
Mom wanted me to sing a solo at church on Sunday, but I am not a singer. Luckily Britnasty is a magical singer, so we dueted!
Here is a short little recap of the weekend: hum in mouth, Bailey's, lame Christmas lights, 5:30 a.m., singing friends, bouncing gingerbread man, nutella, curling iron, coca cola bottles, failed trips to STL, passing out, mom's domination of poker, Britnasty's best friend: Granny Hawn, Kenner Kay, Denny's, and Kevin's boyfriend, and music lessons at 2:30a.m.
Great times!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A post from the BFF

WARNING: This is the best friend Rachel reporting.
Whitney and I were talking earlier about how we should be after college roomies and get dogs. She said she wanted a COCKER SPANIEL, but I want a WEINER DOG. Hah!
Doodle for short.

This is Weiner Schnitzel.
Schnitzel for short.

We're going to be girls with boy dogs.

I think this is the way to live!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

A wild weekend

I knew this weekend was going to be something special, but what unfolded was nothing I could have planned...

Friday 2:00pm-
The girls and I loaded up for our trip. We were going to Nashville, IN to stay with Melanie. She was going to accompany us to our destination: Bloomington, IL. Once the car was packed, tank was filled, and ipod was hooked up, our trip had begun!

Friday 6:30p.m.-
We met Melanie in Coloumbus, IN and followed her into the woods. We went up the hills and down the hills deeper and deeper into the wilderness. Finally we can upon a cozy cottage in the forest: Mel's house. We were greeted ferociously by her dogs Pugsley and Lulu. After the wild things became clam, we dined heartily on lasagna and garlic toast (yum)! Then it was time to hit the town!

Friday 8:30p.m.-
Chilis: it was time for dessert! Well, dessert and NACHOS! What is a girls night without NACHOS, drinks, and dessert shooter? It is not a girls night, I say! A laugh was shared, chips were eated, and chocolate was devoured. All was right with the world, but not for long... What was missing? A man.

Friday 10:10p.m.-
Movie theatre: Law Abiding Citizen. Gerard Butler. Say no more!

Saturday 12:30 a.m.-
Back at Mel's it was time to sleep. We had to regain strength for the days to come.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the past week...

Much has happened in the past week.
Number one: I had a comic book dedicated to me. How fabulous is that? This is a project my friend Chad had told he was working on. I was excited to see the finished project, but had no clue my name would be in it. I love his comics and I am so lucky to have a resident artist for the Grounds and Sounds flyers. I remember back in the day when I microsoft worded the flyers (so lame). AND NOW, they are endearing and delicious. Thank you Chad!
Number two: I got sick. At first it was just a little throat pain and then it turned into a full on sinus INFECTION. Suckfest. I have gone through 1 and half boxes of tissues in 5 days. BUT let me just say: I LOVE MY DARLING KATRINAKA. She has been my Florence Nightengale to the extreme. Katrinaka, I vow to serve you in your time of need. I am still battling the Snot-master, so thats not cool.
Number three: I have been sewing like a bandit this weekend. I embellished some tank tops, made a cutsie cupcake tote, and a sweet homie pillow. I wish I went to sewing school so I could sew for homework. I cannot wait until I have time so I sew, of course by the time I have time I won't have time because I will have a job. I will wish my job was sewing cutsie things and selling them to be rich. Perfect world.

Here are some darling pics of some projects I've done and are working on... enjoy!
Shout out to the lovely Kenner Kay She's in the picture modeling the shirt I made for her for her bday.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting ready to work on some hw, although there is much I'd rather do. Like:

1. Be in Love

2. See my friend

3. Sew

4. Take a bath
5. Watch a movie
This has been what I would rather do. Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting ready to hit the road!!! It's almost time to head to Louisville to meet with our friend, sisters, and mom. I think we might stop by the UNIQUE THRIFT STORE! In my years of coming to KCU, I have passed by the store many times (it is visible from the interstate). We stopped once and hopefully today we'll stop again!
Here are some pics of my room at school and my roomie, Katrinaka. I wish I had a better place to craft. I am using my tiny desk area to house my sewing machine.
I just love this vintage hanging holder I found a church giveaway. Gotta love a good find, especially for free!
I will be nice to live in a house with rooms. A sewing machine room... that would be nice, right Mom? Anyhoo, I cannot wait until I can get some supplies and start making cute things to sell. Hopefully I can have things ready to sell at my first craft fair. GET EXCITED!

Katrinaka, are you excited? I think yes!
Here are some of my favorite things in my room... like:

Owls, vintage lamps, best friends, and buttons. These are a few of my favorite things...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I am starting a blog... It's something new.

SO, my darling little sister is coming to visit me here at school tomorrow! I'm not sure what we'll be doing but we'll have fun doing it. I have to drive to Louisville, though, to meet her. That's quite a drive... I might as well go all the way home! Katrinaka is going with me. She is staying with a friend in Louisville over the weekend and going to SIX FLAGS on Sunday. Hooray for you Katrinaka! This should be a very fun weekend. I will let you know how it goes...