Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the past week...

Much has happened in the past week.
Number one: I had a comic book dedicated to me. How fabulous is that? This is a project my friend Chad had told he was working on. I was excited to see the finished project, but had no clue my name would be in it. I love his comics and I am so lucky to have a resident artist for the Grounds and Sounds flyers. I remember back in the day when I microsoft worded the flyers (so lame). AND NOW, they are endearing and delicious. Thank you Chad!
Number two: I got sick. At first it was just a little throat pain and then it turned into a full on sinus INFECTION. Suckfest. I have gone through 1 and half boxes of tissues in 5 days. BUT let me just say: I LOVE MY DARLING KATRINAKA. She has been my Florence Nightengale to the extreme. Katrinaka, I vow to serve you in your time of need. I am still battling the Snot-master, so thats not cool.
Number three: I have been sewing like a bandit this weekend. I embellished some tank tops, made a cutsie cupcake tote, and a sweet homie pillow. I wish I went to sewing school so I could sew for homework. I cannot wait until I have time so I sew, of course by the time I have time I won't have time because I will have a job. I will wish my job was sewing cutsie things and selling them to be rich. Perfect world.

Here are some darling pics of some projects I've done and are working on... enjoy!
Shout out to the lovely Kenner Kay She's in the picture modeling the shirt I made for her for her bday.


  1. I totally want a sweet nickname like everyone else! Sorry you got sick my love! Let's hope Katrinaka keeps the Kleenex flowing!

  2. I so admire your craftiness! And I hope you feel better soon!

  3. haha I saw your comment about Phil on Rachel's blog. I recognize that dorm room! I lived in 3rd floor Dale for two years. Ah, memories. Small world, eh?