Monday, October 19, 2009

A wild weekend

I knew this weekend was going to be something special, but what unfolded was nothing I could have planned...

Friday 2:00pm-
The girls and I loaded up for our trip. We were going to Nashville, IN to stay with Melanie. She was going to accompany us to our destination: Bloomington, IL. Once the car was packed, tank was filled, and ipod was hooked up, our trip had begun!

Friday 6:30p.m.-
We met Melanie in Coloumbus, IN and followed her into the woods. We went up the hills and down the hills deeper and deeper into the wilderness. Finally we can upon a cozy cottage in the forest: Mel's house. We were greeted ferociously by her dogs Pugsley and Lulu. After the wild things became clam, we dined heartily on lasagna and garlic toast (yum)! Then it was time to hit the town!

Friday 8:30p.m.-
Chilis: it was time for dessert! Well, dessert and NACHOS! What is a girls night without NACHOS, drinks, and dessert shooter? It is not a girls night, I say! A laugh was shared, chips were eated, and chocolate was devoured. All was right with the world, but not for long... What was missing? A man.

Friday 10:10p.m.-
Movie theatre: Law Abiding Citizen. Gerard Butler. Say no more!

Saturday 12:30 a.m.-
Back at Mel's it was time to sleep. We had to regain strength for the days to come.

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