Monday, April 12, 2010

Why, Hello there!

I can hardly believe spring is here already! Life feels like a giant roller coaster ride. After Spring Break (DISNEY), everything has happened so fast! I have finished my drama practicum class. No more school plays! WOW. Senior Salute was last week and now I have a cap and gown, a free KCU mug and some HUGE students loans; such a lovely parting gift from KCU. As of today, there are 26 days until graduation and I am shocked. This may be cliche but, seriously where did the time go?! Wasn't it yesterday that I started my job in the library? I mean it was just last week when I lived with Kendra on third floor of Dale. Right?


So many things are changing. I like it...? Maybe. Easter this year was really different. It is my first Easter as a single in three years. At first I was uneasy about the whole thing, but luckily I have one of the coolest friends in the world, whom I begged to spend Easter with me. It was like pulling teeth, but Brittany came home with me ;)

We look so fresh-faced and awake here! Guess what time we woke up! Clue: it was 2 hours earlier than 7:30 a.m. WOA. That's serious. I would have to say, though, that biscuits and gravy made it worth it. That, and celebrating our Savior rising from the dead, of course...

Here is my sweet Boo and I.
The lovely Miss Rachel, first Easter as a Mom. Crazy!
Here is the band formerly know as the Hays sisters.
(rach, remember last year?)
Here is Maddy flower child, the newest member of our family, on her first Easter.

I can't help but have a blast with this sweetheart when I go home. It was so neat to see her want to play with her toys! It's great to have a new friend like Maddy. We chat and she drools all over me, BFF for sure!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello Friends! This past week was winter break. It was definitely eventful! First I went to Bloomington to do a little job hunting. Let me tell you, I was terrified! I don't know the area too well and I had no idea where to start. Luckily my uncle was more prepared than I was with a list of places to check out.

I looked up colleges, libraries, children's museum, health clinics, and many other places. After I jumped into searching, I started to get excited! I thought about being grown up and getting a puppy and living with Katrinaka!

After the hunt, I journeyed home to a house party to hang with my peeps. Here's one now....

This is one of my favorite peeps, Maddy. We're just hangin'. I was so surprised at how big she had gotten. Even though I seen her a few weeks before, but babies grow quickly!Saturday, my whole family got a really big surprise! My dad came home earlier than expected from California. We were sitting at my sister's and there was a bang on the window. It was DAD. No one knew of this plan and to make it better Saturday was Mom and Dad's 23rd anniversary! SURPRISE!

My BFF, Rachel McSnow had gifted me this lovely ring for Christmas and she brought it back to me after I had it sized. Isn't it perfect?!

Here is a pic from job hunt day one. I look calm and collected, yet my tummy was churning.

Although I am really excited to be a big girl now, all I can think about is getting a puppy :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am working hard in the library as of now. I will be here until three. After that is play practice! I have yet to learn my lines and performances are in two weeks!! Yikes... But it will be done.

Let me just tell you about my loverly weekend! I went home to So. IL. and took Brittany with me. Thankfully her and I both understand the condition that the other was in (with our recent break ups). Oh how the memories did flow... "I remember when he cooked me breakfast." "I remember when he bought me a quesadilla." I remember when he made me a tulip out of a plastic fork." You get the idea...

I would have to say my FAVORITE part of the weekend was spending time with the adorable Madalyn Eve. When we first met, I think her entrance into the real world was not something she enjoyed. She was angry all the time But since then she has great parents and lots of cute clothes to wear, she is much happier now. Rach and Nate are moving into their first house as a family so we moved everything over from their old apartment. It had definitely made me excited to start house life in May after I graduate! First on my list... get a PUPPY! :)

Here is Maddy, playing Go-Fish.