Monday, February 1, 2010

I am working hard in the library as of now. I will be here until three. After that is play practice! I have yet to learn my lines and performances are in two weeks!! Yikes... But it will be done.

Let me just tell you about my loverly weekend! I went home to So. IL. and took Brittany with me. Thankfully her and I both understand the condition that the other was in (with our recent break ups). Oh how the memories did flow... "I remember when he cooked me breakfast." "I remember when he bought me a quesadilla." I remember when he made me a tulip out of a plastic fork." You get the idea...

I would have to say my FAVORITE part of the weekend was spending time with the adorable Madalyn Eve. When we first met, I think her entrance into the real world was not something she enjoyed. She was angry all the time But since then she has great parents and lots of cute clothes to wear, she is much happier now. Rach and Nate are moving into their first house as a family so we moved everything over from their old apartment. It had definitely made me excited to start house life in May after I graduate! First on my list... get a PUPPY! :)

Here is Maddy, playing Go-Fish.

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  1. Baby Maddy is so absolutely precious! I love that I have been able to meet her and I hope I can see her again soon. By the way...I take credit for putting that card in her hand. It was such a fabulous idea wasn't it? :)