Sunday, December 20, 2009

This weekend has been a ton o good times! My lady friend Britnasty came all the way from Ohio to visit the grand town of Iuka and me! She arrived on Thursday and I knew from the start that we were in for adventures! One thing was for sure, we wouldn't sleep much!

Some highlights of the weekend included Britnasty's excellent decision to get her tragus pireced!
What's a tragus you might ask, Britnasty will show you!
Check out this rockin' and rollin' hotness! Afterwards we hit up Chico's (for the second time of her visit.) Gotta love that sauce!!
If you've never been to Chico's, then a visit to Salem is totally worth it!
Mom wanted me to sing a solo at church on Sunday, but I am not a singer. Luckily Britnasty is a magical singer, so we dueted!
Here is a short little recap of the weekend: hum in mouth, Bailey's, lame Christmas lights, 5:30 a.m., singing friends, bouncing gingerbread man, nutella, curling iron, coca cola bottles, failed trips to STL, passing out, mom's domination of poker, Britnasty's best friend: Granny Hawn, Kenner Kay, Denny's, and Kevin's boyfriend, and music lessons at 2:30a.m.
Great times!!

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  1. yayyyy you posted on your blog!
    and mmmmmmm chicos.. i am soo craving that right now!