Monday, March 26, 2012

Tra la la

Alas, I shall press on. Living without Internet is difficult for keeping up with blogging, yet I will not give up. There are some cool new happenings in Whitneyland. I am studying for the GRE in April. Eek. Its definitely a process. This leads to that, that leads to something, and somethings leads to everything. I hope.

I am thinking it is important to have special things to look forward to periodically, especially when you're out of school.When the holidays and breaks are gone working day in and out can get so daunting. I am fortunate enough to have friends close by and a family visit about once a month or so. And this summer I am looking forward to moving in with a dear friend of mine! My lease is up in July and I get to move to a new place. At first the moving and coping to a new apartment was stressful. I didn't feel like I had a home and I was sad a lot. But when you embrace it, it can be super fun. You get to change and be new! I get to see a new side of the city I love, I think its going to be nice to be away from the nuts of living so close to largest mall in the state. Hooray for new adventure!

Here's me getting ready for good times at ALDI.