Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making the Insides Happy

Now, I am suppose to be doing my homework right now, but alas, my motivation is lost. I thought maybe I'd find it here. I have been on a weight loss journey for over a year now. I didn't have that much to lose, but I am finding it impossible to reach my goal. It's a mere 8 pounds away! Usually, I am not a fan of "dieting" but I just HAVE to kick this last 8 pounds. The book boasts that you can lose up to 20 pounds, 4 inches, and 2 sizes in 6 weeks. It's definitely worth a try, right? Now if I can stick to it... that's the question.

 I kinda have this tendency of doing whatever I want. Ha!  If I feel like eating a cookie and I'm watching what I eat, it doesn't matter, I eat a cookie. I don't let anything stop me. Sometimes if I am able to change the way I think about what I am eating, I can stop myself. It's like needless eating is worshiping the god in my stomach. She calls to me and I obey her. Then afterwards, I always regret it. I'm sure most of us can relate to this feeling. How can you shake this?

Even though I know God loves me and I should honor him with my body, it seems like what I eat is no concern of His. I don't think this is true. But living it is dang hard!

It's time to take a step forward: trusting God with my career path, my love life, and my physical body. Tomorrow is day 1 of shred diet. I'll be praying it through! Let's get healthy!

The first picture was taken in 2011, I weighed approximately 178 and in the second photo was taken just a few weeks ago and I weighed 158.

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  1. The bathroom in that first picture looks awfully familiar! ;) I'm happy for your progress on your weight loss journey! Mine isn't going so well...I feel like I must have some stupid hormonal imbalance because no matter what I do I can't lose much of anything. It's incredibly depressing.