Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visiting the Horse Capital of the World, (second to my own house)

On Sunday, I packed up my car and went to my favorite state, Kentucky! In case you don't already know, I am looking into moving to Lexington and becoming a librarian. I needed to get a feel for what the area has to offer and where I could be living. I was feeling optimistic and excited to live "in town" and have good friends around me. Making new friends has been really difficult and really slow here in the Bloom. I spend a lot of my time and money visiting Kentucky and it seems like a move might be the best idea. Unfortunately the trip didn't exactly make me feel confident. I'll explain later.  But I am glad to know what my options are.  But this trip certainly did give me the opportunity to spend time with some of my favorite people in the entire world!
Brittany was on her way to Summer in the Son at KCU.

Kendra took us to the coolest place. FRO JOS! I have discovered I LOVE frozen yogurt. I liked it before and now I LOVE it! 

A blanket, some grass, YOGURT, and best friends!

Me and my yogurt creation: chocolate and strawberry yogurt, nuts, strawberries, and mint cookies!

Hello MICHIGAN! Anna Dawn :)

We went to a dog park. I had never been to one before. I almost wanted to go dog shopping! So many beautiful dogs. The Cox's took Scout. It was fun to see her run with friends. At this point I was really missing my sweet dears.

My Lexington friend, Devin invited me to Jazz in the Park! Although, when we got there I couldn't find him and so we sat with some other cool peeps! Scout came too!
Here is the story of the complications with my move. At first I made a list all the places within what I wanted to spend and I started calling. Most of the answers were, no aggressive breeds... Excuse me?! This is the most frustrating thing to hear. These are my children! They are perfect. And why is it that just because of what they look like, they are "aggressive." I am offended. Anyway, I did like the place that allowed aggressive, flesh tearing dogs. But it is just slightly out of what I wanted to spend. I hope that I can continue to trust God to open doors and show me what I should do. Its seems that I have survived 23 years doing that and maybe I'll survive several more with the same outlook.

Here is Charger the Aggressive.
And here he is with his sister, Delorean the Flesh ripper. Don't get too close!!

This was the beautiful view I had this morning from my front yard.

Although we don't have lots of trees or anys hills, central Illinois has the most sky. I think its beautiful.

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  1. Bahaha, flesh ripper. NICE.

    These pictures make me miss you that much MORE.


    I enjoy your blog.