Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Custom Orders are so much fun!

I have had 2 requests for multiple of the Happy Little Acorn keychains from my etsy shop. I was so flattered that everyone likes them so much! I really enjoy making specific things for people that they request specially. I think it really adds to the magic of the item. That specific item was made especially for you by me. At least I think its a bit magical. :)

Here's a glimpse into the creation of the 13 Happy Little Acorns I made recently. Its amazing what you can do with some felt, buttons, and of course..... HEAT N BOND! (love that stuff!)

Here are the acorn tops. Lots and lots of buttons! I'll need to replenish my brown button supply! Donations are welcome!

Here are the finished Happy Little Acorns! You can see how they are indeed happy and little. You are smiling right now at how cute they are.


  1. Those Happy Little Acorns are about the cutesy things I have ever seen. I think I must buy some of those as well. It is nice to have a cool friend such as you Whitney! You make such cutsie crafts and you have such an awesome blog! I think I should start a blog about the different books I read. Would that be blog worthy? I don't know much about crafts but I know a whole lot about books! My precious books..... :)

  2. Cuuute! Love it! :) Can't wait to see the sashes!! Ekk! Your business is officially in the programs, yay! Wish you could be there to see those cuties in their sashes!