Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yee Ha!

 This Memorial Day weekend was full of adventures! Amanda's wedding was on Saturday and it turned into a high school reunion! I got to go swimming for the first time of the season at Rachel King's parent's gigantic pool. And we celebrated my little sister Brooke's 9th birthday! She had a cowgirl themed party complete with a horse cake and everything!

I love this! Cowgirl Granny and Cowgirl Grandma ready to lasso up some CAKE!    

 Even though I've never had my own, I really enjoy going to weddings. Its been quite the experience graduating college and now going through the motions of nearly everyone I know getting married. I liked going to weddings before but now that I actually know the couples, its really special. 
Amanda had just changed to get ready to leave for Disney World! I'm jealous!
Congrats to Amanda and Kyle!

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