Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good times, old friends in St. Louis

I'll have to say, this past weekend was the most fun I have had in a long time! My friend, Amanda, is getting married next weekend and so it was time for a girl party, bachelorette style! After some yummy Cheesecake Factory, it was time to shake a tail feather! We rocked and rolled for many hours. I felt those cheesecake calories melt away. As the only completely unattached bachelorette, I was dancing with all the dudes. (Okay not all the dudes, probably about 3 of them.)  It was so weird, because that never happens. I even got a free drink out of the deal. Winning!

Holy smokes, she will be a beautiful bride! I'm so happy for her and Kyle. (Also, I made the veil and sash she's wearing!)

Party Girls!
 We got back to our hotel and had some serious girl talk. I've missed girl talk! We went to see the movie Bridesmaids the next day. I liked it, but there were some parts... I closed my eyes, I plugged my ears. Go see it, you'll understand. Yeesh.

Okay and then I visited KEVIN! Kevin has been one of my best friends since my sophomore year of high school when I tutored him in Chemistry. We made homemade pizza, I met some of his new city friends, and we laughed a lot. I really enjoyed our stroll through Forest Park. We came to the conclusion that Kevin needs a dog and found the exact one he needs, Sheldon the dachshund. These are some of my favorite pics we took!

Kevin got me this owl ring and my nail polish is "Gunmetal Grey" from Avon.

*Bachelorette pics are Amanda's*


  1. i wondered who that guy was in your facebook pic! Way to go, dancing with all the dudes! hahaha

  2. HAHA! I love your blog. Definitely the only one I will be following. :)