Friday, May 20, 2011

The Pink Elephant

 Most of you would agree that an intriguing antique store is a worth a visit, right? Well there is this one antique store in particular that is incredibly intriguing! Its called the Pink Elephant and it is in Livingston, IL right off of Interstate 55.  I first saw it on a journey to St. Louis last summer and I promised myself I would stop one day. This past Monday was that day!  What really caught my attention were the HUGE lawn decorations in front of their store. There is a giant space ship, tricycle, man, elephant, and ice cream cone. This place was practically screaming my name! When I went in I realized it was an old school and nearly everything was set up in the gym with booths.

Space ship!
Giant sized tricycle and a giant sized man beckoning to passersby, namely ME!

Hooray for a Twistee Treat!

I walked through aisles of hats and toys and dishes and PURSES.

I loved this bag! This wasn't the one I bought, but isn't it lovely?
Now, I love purses. And I'm not about to spend over $20 on one. I never have and I never will. Why? Because I don't have to. Think about it, you go to Macy's and you find a bag you love and you pay $52 for it. BIG DEAL. Where's the fun in that?! Hooray, you went to a store, found a bag hanging next to a million other bags, and you paid enough money for a weeks worth of groceries. Congratulations. BUT, when you open up your mind to the thrill of the hunt you have something to be proud of... Whats that, you like my bag? Yeah I went to an OLD ABANDON SCHOOL and sifted through DEAD PEOPLE'S MEMORIES and found this purse. Its a Valerie Stevens, real leather, made in 1983. I paid $12. Macy's can eat it. ZING!


  1. "Whats that, you like my bag? Yeah I went to an OLD ABANDON SCHOOL and sifted through DEAD PEOPLE'S MEMORIES and found this purse. Its a Valerie Stevens, real leather, made in 1983. I paid $12. Macy's can eat it. ZING!"

    HAHAHAHA! I was rolling on the floor laughing for about 5 minutes after I read this. You are so crazy and I love it!

  2. Whitney. You would not want to look at my bank statement and see how much i spend on one purse. i truly believe that this addiction that i am harboring will be listed in the DSM-IV. I want to come visit you pronto so that you can take me to this place. ALSO...I need to take you to New Orleans immediately! Have you ever been? Answer: Yes, Have you been to Magazine Street? No, I need to give you a formal introduction to Magazine Street. Its AMAZING!

  3. Niiice! I have been itching to go antiquing!
    I am jealous with a capital J.

    p.s. what's magazine street?

  4. Melissa, Number one: are you meliane? answer: yes. have i ever been to new orleans? answer: no. do i know what you are talking about? answer: no. do i love you? answer: yes

  5. These are so cool. The twistee treat looks awesome!!