Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindle cover: easy as felt!

I love having an etsy shop but it seems that I do my best work when people ask me personally for something they want, or when I'm making a gift. I work better with a looming deadline and at the last minute. Therefore making up extra items to sell in a shop is extremely difficult for me. They aren't necessarily going to be "flying off the rack." So then I have all these lovelies sitting in my studio longing for a home. Besides aren't things better made fresh to order? That's what I thought!

Here's a sneak peek into a project I'm working on for a lovely friend. She told me she wanted a kindle cover. I'd never made one before but I was so anxious to figure it out, I started experimenting right away. She hasn't seen it yet, so Lela if you like it, Hooray! If not, I can do a different design. It was fun and easy, so no sweat!
It's the "Book Tree." In a perfect world, books... grow on trees, I guess.

Kinda fuzzy, but here is a tiny felt book growing on the Book Tree. If you can read the words and tell me what book it is, I'll give you a prize!

This tiny brown book actually opens!
 It was really fun and easy to make the Kindle cover. You can pretty much do anything with some felt and a dash of creativity! Oh and heat n bond! I LOVE heat n bond! Also buttons..... and embroidery floss. Love it.

Look at these sweethearts! I peeked outside while I was crafting and saw Toothless, the kitty and Charger, the pup snoozing together. Sweetest thing ever!


  1. What's heat n bond?
    Super cute cover!!!!

  2. Pretty! I want one!

    But.. wait.. I don't read.. or have a Kindle, HEHE!

    I should get an ipad, and then you could make one for me :)

    Love ya