Friday, May 6, 2011

I Love Lib

I want to dedicate this post to a really fantastic part of my life, working at the library! Now, I never could have expected that I would be making that statement. For my whole life, I had sold my soul to a profession in the medical field. Although after an unfortunate fainting spell in high school where I passed out during a story of a doctor's first appendectomy, (I fell out of my chair onto the floor, it was awful) I had become incredibly squeamish. Therefore I started college with no life plan in mind. I was on my way to growing up with no idea what I would "be" when I got there! I worked in our library at school for work study. And let me just say, you had to be quiet there. Can you imagine being quiet in the library?! Offensive! Becuase of my lib experience I applied at other libs after I graduated.

I started here last May and the differences between an academic library and the children's department of a public library are like night and day. There are colors everywhere! It's loud. There are parties to plan and costumes to wear. It's like God himself threw a bunch of fun things together and dumped it on my head.

We just celebrated a Hispanic books holiday on the 30th of April. Everyone wore flowers in their hair, we had a band on our patio, burritos to eat, and Dora the Explorer was here. You could barely walk around the room for the sea of wee children was sure to drown you. Aren't you so jealous of my job? I knew it.

Here's my only reservation. What if I leave here for Kentucky and no libraries are cooler that the one I leave behind? What if we never have a fiesta? What if there aren't seas of screaming children? What if DORA never comes?! Hmmm, it seems as though the best plan is it trust that where ever I go God is just waiting to dump a bunch of fun on my head.

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