Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Great Smoky Mountains!

I have a lovely friend who hails from a lovely part of the country. Meet Brittany from the Great Smoky Mountains! (Now she lives Ohio, but I won't hold that against her.)

Brittany had this brilliant idea to plan a spring break trip to her Smoky Mountains. I thought, now that is some good thinking! And we planned and planned for a darn wonderful trip. What do you suspect? IT WAS DARN WONDERFUL!

We met in Lexington where we got to visit with newlyweds, Ryan and Kendra! And we grabbed Keven and of course Katrina was along for the ride! We packed up and headed for The Great Smoky Mountains!  We were staying in a cabin in Pigeon Forge owned by some family friends of Brittany's. (with a hot tub!) We planned to hike up a Great Smoky Mountain, slide down a Great Smoky Mountain, and soak in the general brilliance of the Great Smoky Mountains! Here are some on the fun moments of our trip!
Keven, "The Newlyweds", and Katrina making ready to start our hike up The Great Smoky Mountains!

Brittany and I. We would not be so enthusiastic on the way down the mountain. YEESH!

This is Ryan's foot print. He was wearing those crazy toe shoe hiking things. Too bad they weren't waterproof. Snow on the trail, say whaaat?!

Climbing to the summit was really tough, not to mention terrifying. But look Kendra, we made it!

Ah, Mountains!

Celebrating Brittany's 21st in Gatlinburg!


  1. You have such a fun blog. You sound like you really enjoy your life :) It's inspiring.

  2. Hi Whitney! i just became a blogger after stalking your blog a bit. Thanks for the inspiration! =]

  3. Amber, I try to enjoy life. Some days are better than others! :) thank you for reading!

    Loralee, I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

  4. This is definitely the coolest blog ever...especially since you wrote about the Great Smoky Mountains. That's my favorite place in the whole world. We should all go back sometime soon. :)