Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birth Month, Puppies!

April is the birth month of my precious babies. This year they are turning 3 years old! Charger and Delorean were my graduation presents when I graduated KCU in 2010. I was moving out on my own to a farm house in the middle of no where Central Illinois. I was living rent-free in a 3 bedroom house taking care of my uncle's horse farm. Aside from a few awesome humans that I got to live with while I was there, the majority of my roommies were four-legged.

These two pups were the perfect companions. I remember wishing that they would grow up faster so I would have protectors when scary people knocked on my door at 10pm when I was all alone to tell me my neighbor's horses were out in my yard. (This may or may not have actually happened.) But now looking back, it feels like they were never puppies. They grew fast and they grew BIG!

When I moved to Lexington in 2011, I knew I couldn't have both puppies with me in an apartment. I was blessed to have my sister volunteer to adopt one into her family. After she moved into her first home in South Bend, I left from my visit with just one puppy. I said goodbye to Delorean. As I cried like a parent sending her child to kindergarten for the first time, I said to my sister, "She's such a good dog." And she really is. She has fit so perfectly into my sister's family. She is a great big sister to my nieces. They all love her. Little did I know, Charger and Delorean would soon be together again.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Charger isn't a dog to me. He is my companion. There is no better word for it. From the farm house times, to our 1 bedroom apartment in Lexington, Charger and I are basically inseparable. He keeps my pace up when I go for a jog, he helped me study for the GRE, he watches my favorite shows with me, he holds me when I cry.... Well, um, he looks at me when I cry. Charger is perfect.

And even when I find myself moving all over the Midwest at a moments notice, you can bet Charger is there with me in the passenger's seat getting hair everywhere...

Happy Birthday, Charger and Delorean!

First Photo is compliments of R&G Photography

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