Sunday, April 21, 2013

Outfit Post: Sunday Librarian

Today is just a bit cold, but it didn't keep me from wearing my new-to-me sandals and floral dress to church today. I'm nearing the end of my 2nd of 4 semesters of librarian grad school. With this in mind, many of my new clothing purchases are librarian inspired.

I wish I was better at photography. Hmmm, I have a brilliant idea of what I want to capture. But, it never quite works out. Oh well, I like to dress up, whether or not YOU can fully appreciate it via photos. Just believe me. ;)

Of course, Maddy was acting in true 3 year old fashion and this is why you don't see her face much. And she had just taken a spill on the sidewalk. I cannot count how many times I have wiped out on that same sidewalk! I was always barefooted and band-aid kneed. (Knee-ed). Band-aids were on my knees.

Here's a pretty sunny picture of Rachel, Maddy's mom, and Maddy. I cannot wait for just a raise in degrees just a bit. Then we can spend more time outside and not pretend to look warm! And maybe by then, I'll be better at taking pictures! 

 My dress and sandals were the products of a day at the Salem Consignment Center. It is a huge store of lots of second-hand clothes, vintage, and more! We love it. The sweater was mine already, but I think we got it at a garage sale.  Eeek! I do not spend money on clothes. I probably should!

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