Monday, May 13, 2013

The Run Down

Hey people! Its has been a few weeks since you've heard from the Hays House in Southern Illinois, so I'll give you the run down!

I just finished my second semester of grad school, which means... I'm half-way done. Holla! This semester was straight-up difficult. I did some moving around and luckily my school can just be packed up in my computer bag to travel the country with me, but still, whew, it can get outta hand! I have turned in major grade-determining assignments when I lived in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan (for a short time in between my move.) All in one semester. I need to be reigning in the wild horses of my life and setting them out to pasture so I can chill! (And I can say this because in my past life I was a farm hand on a horse farm, see previous post.)

I finished the semester on the 3rd of May. It was a huge sigh of relief. I was considering taking summer classes to stay fresh and to maintain momentum, but I needed a break. I do plan to work on learning Spanish and reading lots and lots. Particularly some of the books I was suppose to read during the semester... oops! That was some full disclosure right there, I'm a LIBRARIAN student and I don't read everything. Embarrassing. But what are you gonna do? Just start from now and be better.

This summer break has been busy already, too busy to do any blogging even! But I have a few days off in a row and so around here we are cleaning, organizing, and I am catching you up!

On the 9th and 10th of May, I made a trip to see Mel, a gal pal from college. I was able to catch up with her in February when I was in the Indianapolis area and we had been chatting ever since. Even though it had been months since I'd seen her, we picked up right where we left off. I am so blessed to have friends that I can relate to when, most of my other friends are in different life stages than me. Mel and I have been on a prayer journey together hoping that we will be able to be roommates soon. Looking for a man is hard enough, but finding a quality roommate can be just as difficult! Still several ducks must be put in rows before another move can happen.For example, I hope to find a library job for my next move. I'm at currently working at my third Aldi due to my excessive moving... It's a problem. BUT, I trust God with the plan... "And now that you've seen "the plan", I'm gonna go... and show "the plan" to somebody else....!" Whats that from?! I need my girl, Katrina, right now! ;)

Mel and I at the most adorable shop in Nashville, IN. I tried on the sweetest dress while we were there. It was minty organza with a crisscross back. Shoulda gotten a photo, I know... Birthday present to myself in the future, maybe! 

Hello, if you know me, you know how I feel about Aldi. I LOVE it. Well, working there has its days, but shopping there is always awesome! And I love visiting other other Aldis. We went to the Aldi in Columbus, IN. It was so pretty and new. Strawberries were on sale for $0.99! Heck yes. Chocolate wasn't on sale, but who waits for chocolate to go on sale? If you do, you are wasting away your life. It's still a great price, though $1.49 for a bar of straight-up German dark chocolate. I'm serious, this stuff will change your life. You're welcome. Oh, and we drank some sparkling pink Moscato. Cheers!

On Saturday, my mom, sis, and I ran a 5k! We had all decided that we were totally not prepared for it, but gave it our all and did pretty well, actually! The race was to benefit the Nichole Hardcastle Foundation with Cystic Fibrosis awareness and finding a cure. It was started in memory of a girl I went to high school with. She lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis in 2011.  :( I didn't know her well in school, but I remember having Spanish with her. Mostly I remember she was pretty and friendly. That's a pretty good way to remember anyone, I'd say. :)
Mom and Rachel just after the race. We are waiting on the results for the winners!

I ran the whole thing in 29 minutes and 29 seconds! What?! I was so proud of that time. Especially since I had only ran a 5k distance twice in my whole life! Crazy. Rachel finished with a time of 25:31 and Mom's was 36:37.

Rachel and her gazelle legs earned the second place spot for her age group!

My momma earned third place for her age group! Not too shabby!!
Sunday was Mother's Day. I hope you are not finding this out for the first time. If so, you better be calling yo Momma! We had a picnic at the park in town. The weather cooperated just fine and so we enjoyed the sun and some strawberries! 

Rachel, Maddy, and Harper in after our lunch. Maddy had been running around the park and came back to our blanket and in a concerned voice asked, "Maybe there is frogs in my shoes?" Of course not, we all answered. She had stepped in water and soaked her shoes through to her socks. The sloshy feeling probably made her think her worst fear was happening, frogs in her shoes! Mother's day crisis averted. 

Here's my mom and I. I could devote an entire blog to how great my mom is and all the fabulous things she does for us, like cut these awesome bangs I have. But I barely have time for this one, so just believe me, I have a GREAT mom! And even though I had to work later, it was the perfect afternoon to spend some time together and do something special. We need more excuses for picnics!

Rachel and I got Mom a garden cart for all her gardening aspirations. Maddy, Harper, and I were trying it out.

Mom and her babiest baby, Brooke!

We enjoyed some delicious caesar chicken wraps, chocolate covered strawberries, and sparkling grape juice. Maddy took a big swig after we casually told her it was juice. She gasps and says, "This is NOT juice." Oops. Not juice exactly.

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